fantastic that you should find yourself here. im here, you're here. please feel free to 'perooze' this here stuff. its full of fantat. check it out. and i hope afterwards, you realize, that, ive touched you deep in your heart. and that ive touched your moms, deep in their pants.


i burnt my finger on toasted yams


ill spit this now, while the rhymez is still fresh (prince of bel-air?)

it seems that there is a new fad in town, maybe not so new. i call it 'lusts of the windy tunnel' or more simply 'metro station love affairs'. what be thems? ill tell you.

now, its common knowledge, that parents of kids, dont utilise the montreal metro rail system of transportation. every adult that rides the blue is a non-parental-unit (NPU). why does this matter? it matters because it seems that metro stations are becoming the new hotspots to take your date. typically, to take your indian, sri lankan or any other insane-parent-inclined race date. how do you know if you qualify for this group? has your head ever been target practice for a parents slipper? remote control? wooden spoon? if yes to any and/or all of the above, then you qualify. you qualify automatically if you smell like curry 355 days out of the year.

however. today was a particularly good day it seemed. i saw two couples schmoozing in the dark halls of snowdown metro...oblivious to the surrounding traffice. all in all, i suppose it works out well for the garcon. doesnt need a car, or much money and the depanneur (7-11 type thing) is right there, so dinner isnt hard either. you have ambience, mood, and an all over romantic atmosphere. so why am i berating these half-mongers? this could actually work. no? hellz yeah.

the dates consist mostly of the male feature of the relationship, standing up against the wall, with the girl gently pressed up 'gainst him. its a tender moment filled with wishful kisses, warm-pressed hugs.... made even more special by the random psychos that traverse the underworld of montreal, and the cold, genetalia shrinking rush of the metro monster.

but hey, they are hiding it from their parents, and that counts for a lot. its the hard path to a normal, well founded, healthy child-loving marriage.

'hey little girl. whats your name?'
'really? thats pretty. where were you born?'
'vendome metro. direction cote-vertu.'

nice life.

secondly. and this more personal than anything else. and many can vouch that this is something that grated against my very being for many many episodes of star trek the next generation. is there are general need in society to stare at me? why is it that once i get on metro car, go into a store, walk down the street....that ppl have to stare! is there something on my face? i mean, there WAS....your mom was firmly planted there the previous soiree....but i washed since then. so what is it? i take much care to wash my face of any debris-be it food or cats. there isnt much more that i can say on the issue, cause hey....what can i really do? only YOU can stop this madness. by all means look if you like...i shouldnt be the only person enjoying this mug in the mirror. but, if you're going to stare at least let me know why.

'shal, you're hot'
'shal, is that bacon?'
'shal, you're in the way of that hot girl behind you, and i think that i might make out with her right now' <----trust me i wont complain when there's some good girl-on-girl going on.

done, finished, said.

le 'kizzool' shal (hardcore gangsta murda rap extraordinaire)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a nice person

12:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The anonymous poster above me is hot.

4:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slight problem. What if you have never been a victim of a slipper, wooden spoon, or remote attack. AND you don't smell like curry AT ALL....but you're still Indian?


4:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi. t'is me, the kim. i found this. i read it. now i will comment on it. use more colours as they make me happy, k thanks. also, how's the rabies?

bye bye

10:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

'hey little girl. whats your name?'
'really? thats pretty. where were you born?'
'vendome metro. direction cote-vertu.'

this part cracked me up...=)

***ur ex - dawson stalker***

12:25 PM


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