fantastic that you should find yourself here. im here, you're here. please feel free to 'perooze' this here stuff. its full of fantat. check it out. and i hope afterwards, you realize, that, ive touched you deep in your heart. and that ive touched your moms, deep in their pants.


running brown man = somewhere there's a sale.

hello electric people,

its funny how we, as people, never appreciate things until they're gone. for example, the other day i was in a building. it was a rather tall one, and my business was at the top of said building. so, i went the the elevator area and pushed the 'up' button. i waited........(these dots represent my wait).............the elevator never came. i took the stairs. id always taken elevators for granted. those shiny doors would always open and reveal the warm riding room. and so, i never appreciated it, until it was unavailable. from now on, ill appreciate things in their daily use. never again will pavement, sandy beaches, toilet paper, mini-tape-recorders and portugese villain monkeys go unvalued.



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